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Quality Control Equipment

Cordax Discovery / Giddings & Lewis D ‿12
CCM Measuring Machine

Aventa software for production & Quality Control

Mastercam machine Programming

Machining Centres

1 off Toshiba Horizontal Machining Centre Twin Pallet BMC40
Travels "X" 500mm, "Y" 450mm, "Z" 450mm
Table 400mm
4th axis 1.00 degree resolution

1 off Toshiba Horizontal Machining Centre Twin Pallet BMC 63
Travels "X" 800mm, "Y" 710mm, "Z" 800mm
Table 630mm
4th axis 0.001 degree resolution

3 off Mori Seiki MV Junior Vertical Machining Centre
Travels "X" 560mm, "Y" 410mm, "Z" 460mm

1 off Okuma MC-5VA Vertical Machining Centre
Travels "X" 1050mm, "Y" 510mm, "Z" 460mm.

2 off Mitsui Seiki HS-5A Horizontal machining centre
Travels "X" 850mm, "Y" 700mm, "Z" 750mm
Table 630mm
4th axis 0.001 degree resolution

1 off Toshiba Horizontal Machining Centre Twin Pallet BMC 50B
Travels "X" 710mm, "Y" 600mm, "Z" 600mm
Table 500mm
4th axis 0.001 degree resolution

1 off HAAS VF2 Vertical Machining Centre
Travels "X" 700mm, "Y" 400mm, "Z" 400mm
10000 rpm

1 off Mazaak H-408 Horizontal Machining Centre
Table 400mm

Milling Machines

1 off Sachman Universal Mill Travels "X" 1800mm, "Y" 850mm, "Z" 790mm

1 off King Rich Vertical Mill

CNC Lathes

1 off Daewoo Lynx 210L CNC Lathe
Turning Capacity 60mm
Automatic Lathe

1 off Gildemeister CTX 310 CNC Lathe
Turning capacity 60mm, with live tooling
Automatic Lathe

1 off Okuma LC 30 CNC Lathe
Turning capacity 450mm
Shaft work 980 long.

2 off Okuma LB15, with built in I.G.F. system OSP5000LG
Turning capacity 250mm x 500mm
Bar capacity 65mm

2 off Okuma LC10 twin turret
Turning capacity 100mm x 100mm
Bar capacity 35mm

1 off Tsugami NCM-45
"C" axis for side drilling and milling
Turning capacity 125mm x 100mm
Bar capacity 22mm

1 off Hitachi Seiki HighTec Turn HT-20
Turning capacity 230 x 800mm

1 off Star RNC-16 CNC Automatic lathe
Bar capacity 16mm

1 off Star RNC-32 CNC Automatic lathe
Bar capacity 32mm
4 Spindle unit.

1 off Colchester Lathe
400mm x 1,200mm

Grinding Machines

1 off Surface Grinder - 150mm x 300mm
1 off Surface Grinder - 150mm x 457mm

Press Shop

3 off Power presses Capacity 5 - 15 ton
2 off Power presses Capacity 20 - 50 ton
1 off Transmig 250 Mig Welder
1 off Tig Welder
1 off Spark Eroder

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